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Light-Blocking Opaque PETG-HY Shrink Film Offers Impressive UV and Visible Light Protection, Meets Sustainability Inititatives and Saves On Cost

High performance, light-blocking opaque PETG-HY shrink film labels from Gilbreth blocks up to 99% of visible and UV light; safeguards and extends product shelf life, efficacy and nutritional value. Film strength, lightweight and high-performance shrink characteristics permit material downgauging, reduce transport costs and saves on raw material usage.


Light Blocking Shrink Wrap Label

Croydon, PA: Light-barrier shrink film sleeves made by Gilbreth from opaque, high performance, high-yield, light weight PETG-HY film provides up to 99% UV and visible light-blocking product protection to safeguard food, beverage, nutraceuticals, vitamin waters, supplements, wine, spirits and other light-sensitive consumer packaged products.

Micro-voided PETG-HY film is a pure, light-blocking white opaque substrate. For maximum light shielding, Gilbreth applies two coats of black ink to the reverse side of the film to offer 99% protection from visible and UV light requirements, without precipitating any visible change to the crisp bright white base color on the label front. Theresa Sykes, Director of Commercial Development, notes, "additional cost savings can be computed if you consider that most clear label films typically require two coats of opaque white ink. With the already-white PETG film, the customer eliminates the extra cost of preparing a white foundation layer."

Decorative, promotional and brand-reinforcing 360˚ color graphics are surface-printed and can be protected with an overprint varnish layer. In fact, Sykes continues, "the customer gains optimum control over the gloss level and is able to achieve a progressive matte to gloss effect, or to create gloss (or matte) highlights in select areas of the label. The varnish can thus present subtle nuances, establish an area of special emphasis or provide a unique creative design element."

Strong, lightweight PETG-HY film shrinks up to 76%. The excellent shrink characteristic permits material downgauging–with the potential to reduce material consumption by up to 20%. In addition, film growth in machine direction saves on film use—further reducing raw material usage and cost.

No-smiling, no-frowning PETG-HY film, with its outstanding strength and stretch characteristics presents an excellent form-fitting solution for decorating non-standard bottles that feature wide shoulders, narrow waists, angular edges, multiple planes and other challenging profiles and dimensions.

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