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Shrink Wrap Label

A shrink wrap label and its infinite design possibilities means you can have the most popular product on store shelves

Available for virtually any type of container, shrink wrap labels will hug every minute contour, resulting in a unique and eye-catching label that stands out on store shelves. Shrink wrap labels are a designer’s dream for many reasons, not the least of which is that they can be custom printed with full color photographic images that wrap 360 degrees around the entire container. Conventional labels have limited printable space and varying degrees of durability – none of which approach the personalization possibilities or resilience of shrink wrap packaging. Shrink packaging allows for greater creativity in presenting brand identity, specialty promotions and product information. Customization options for shrink wrap labels include any color, including metallic, pearlescent, and fluorescent inks, so you can create the best label imaginable.

Shrink Wrap Packaging Benefits

  • Shrink packaging offers greater design possibilities with full body coverage.
  • Eliminates the need for separate front labels, back labels, and tamper evident bands.
  • Shrink wrap packaging is more durable. Graphics are reverse printed on transparent shrink film, sealing the inks safely behind 40-70 microns of clear film.
  • Eco friendly shrink sleeve material available to meet your sustainability goals.

Gilbreth is committed to supporting your shrink wrap label application from design to market. We assist in art preparation, prepress, package design; customized material selection, product cycle management, inventory management and post launch support of your shrink wrap label.